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P33 are a distinctive form of pop-up display in a number of aspects. First, P33 screens are significantly smaller than conventional pop up displays. This facilitates transportation and installation. Second, flat pop up displays offer a clean, contemporary appearance that is likely to attract attention. Thirdly, flat pop-up screens are incredibly simple to assemble and disassemble. Flat pop ups are highly adaptable and may be utilized in a number of scenarios.


  • 1 x P33 Frame
  • 6 x Magnetic Struts
  • 5 x Magnetic Graphic Panels
  • 1 x Wheeled Transport Case

Assembled Dimensions : 2.36m H x 2.93m W x 0.35m D

Quick Installation
Easy Transport
Modular Display
Without Tools
P33 PopUp Stand
RollOne Premium Countertop
RollOne Premium Countertop
RollOne Premium Countertop brown
Single LED Light Tuxedo Box
RollOne Case Graphic Panel
1 × RollOne Case Graphic Panel  79.00
Setup in 15 Minutes
Eco – Friendly
34 Kgs*

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